WELCOME TO THE Hybridcars.lk

HybridCars.lk is a subsidiary company of job Sri Lanka Services (  www.jobsrilnka.lk ) was founded as the premier web site in Srilanka, dedicated to do the trading on hybrid vehicles and the full range of consumer information and tools about cars, energy, and the environment.

Since begun with a focus on hybrids – thus the name, HybridCars.lk – we soon realized other “green” technologies deserved coverage too. These included the new generation of battery electric and plug-in hybrids, vehicles began to be developed in Srilanka, we covered them as well.

HybridCars.lk is therefore now an all-of-the-above alternative-energy transportation site with focus on passenger vehicles. We think these are interesting times as society recognizes the clock is ticking on exclusively petroleum-based transportation. Worldwide, automakers are working on all technologies, and it is a live experiment happening on the largest possible scale to see what technologies will dominate.

Obviously, sustainable and cost-effective technologies are what we favor, as we do care about the environment, and think clean and green is also long-term practical, and can be made more so as more people invest in it and economies of scale grow, and technologies are improved.